Kurdish District

2003, Kurdish district in northern Iraq. Three weeks after the collapse of Hussein’s administration, his old mother set out on a journey to find a son who would not return to the battlefield. Take my 12-year-old grandson Ahmed. Ahmed, who was just born, doesn’t even know his father’s face. Only the vertical flute left by my father connects the parents and children. The grandmother and boy, who have little cash, hitchhiking, connecting buses and traveling through the desert. Ahmed helps her grandmother, who only understands Kurdish, with occasional Arabic. The two are a nice truck driver, a poor but strong street boy, and a former soldier who was hurt by the Kurdish murder. Even though I was about to be crushed by, I approached step by step at the moment of my destiny.

Winner of the Amnesty International and Peace Prize at the Berlin Film Festival! European countries support production! The true Iraqi figure is here.
Iraq is a country that still has a large number of missing persons and unidentified bodies due to repeated wars. Originally from Baghdad, director Mohamed Al-Darazy, who has studied video and gained a career in various European countries, produced the first feature film in 2003 to convey the current situation of his country.
The work that was completed despite being attacked and kidnapped by someone received high praise and led to this second work.
However, although he returned to his homeland and started shooting, the production was extremely difficult as in the previous work, and he was forced to interrupt many times. Even under such circumstances, the director’s enthusiasm moved the hearts of producers at the Sundance Film Festival in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and others, and the work was finally completed with the support of filmmakers from each country. Exhibited in the Panorama category of the Berlin Film Festival and won two categories at the same time.
In the last scene that moved the heart, the venue was wrapped in moving tears and was praised, and was selected as a representative work of Iraq at the Academy Award ® Foreign Language Film Award.

do not Cry. I’ll protect you forever. I won’t cry. I’ll be stronger.
The role of Ahmed is a Yasser Tlaib boy who was selected locally.
His strong gaze, which he saw on the street, caught the director’s heart.
The role of grandmother is also one of the women I met while visiting an Iraqi family to write a script and repeating interviews. She herself lost much of her family in the war and had the same experience as her grandmother in this film, and the reality that goes through the whole story pierces the heart of what she sees. From northern Iraq via Baghdad to the ancient city of Babylon, where the legend of the aerial garden remains.
The 900-kilometer journey of two people teaches us the strength to protect our loved ones.
A heart that believes in the future …
In the last 40 years, more than 1.5 million people have gone missing and hundreds of thousands of unidentified bodies have been found in 300 mass graves in Iraq.
After the completion of this work, the director himself has launched the “Iraq Missing Campaign” to promote identification.